About College

To become premier institution in the field of Pharmacy to cater rural educational needs.


  1. To adopt best practices in teaching learning to integrate pharmacy knowledge and skills.
  2. To develop competent pharmacists catering to the needs of Industry, Academia, Research and Society.
  3. To inculcate professional ethics in practice of pharmacy.

Program Education Objectives (PEO’s)

  1. Knowledge: To develop pharmacy graduates with strong academic background in pharmaceutical sciences and able to execute these skills in Pharmaceutical Industry, Institutes and wherever necessary.
  2. Leadership and Teamwork : To develop effective communication skills to enhance the efficiency at workplace and demonstrate appropriate interpersonal behavior in order to work as member of a team as well as leader.
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: To engage students in innovative activities by using creative thinking to imagine better ways of accomplishing professional goals
  4. Professional Ethics: To imbibe the students with integrity and ethical values for the development of Pharmaceutical perspective.